in Featherweight Kingdom
Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding
Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
My Story... My Passion!
I created my small breeder in December 2014, in a charming village of Isere...

Why the choice of this name Chihuahua in Featherweight Kingdom

Chihuahua to name the type or breed of my dogs featherweight because of their small size ​​ Kingdom because my house is their empire

I am above all a dog passionate. To my mind, one doesn't become a breeder overnight, you become one with passion and knowledge.

I followed a training organized by the SFC in October 2014 and passed my Certificate : 'Animal's Technical Studies Company (CETAC) Dog Option.

In December 2014 I obtained my certificate of Capacity No. 38327 issued by the DDSV Isère Prefecture.

Within my family breeding I exercise the function breeder and I have the burden of good conduct of my business.
I am registered with the Chamber of Agriculture Siret 807 871 264 000 14.

Since my childhood, I have never known life without the presence of a dog with me.

A briard shared my life when I wanted to adopt a small puppy
It is through Choco, my first Chihuahua, that I literally fell in love with this breed.
So personable and so much affection in this tiny furball overwhelmed me to the point of forging me a boundless passion...

The discovery of the smallest dog in the world, cheerful, dynamic and temperamental gradually and naturally led me to create my breeding

I'm delighted to escape with my dogs every day and continue to feel as much love in front of their lively and determined expression. My pretty-faced little creatures are for me adorable companions. Small in size but big in heart, they are bearers of love, gaiety and life. It is with great pleasure that I surround my FeatherWeights with tenderness.

For the well being of my little protected, we have chosen to have an average of two or three litters a year.

in summary, if you too are looking for a little ball of love, the key to happiness is called Chihuahua!
Charter Of My Breeding
- Raising my FeatherWeights without kennel, in family in my house... hence the name of Kingdom

I attach great importance to be present at their birth to reassure and help any mom during farrowing. A bond of trust and love develops between the mother and the babies until their departure

- Paying special attention to the awakening and sociability of my FeatherWeights. So they bring you much joy and love. I am very attached to my little fur balls, I watched their birth, their first steps, their growth and to whom I gave a lot of affection and time.

- Making sure that my FeatherWeights will be cherished and respected for their well-being with their future master.

To this I reserve the right to refuse sale or cancel a reservation for the exclusive benefit of puppy's happiness. Their departure is always a difficult time and I thank you for giving me news from time to time.

- My role is to prepare young Chihuahuas to their future family life so that they have a good ability to adapt to their new environment, for the greatest satisfaction of their future masters.

- Being involved with future families by transmitting pictures. So you can see grow our common baby. A slideshow will be given to the future owner tracing its history in our little kingdom