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Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
How to Welcome & Make Happy My Chihuahua
I'm going to tell you the story of my arrival in my new home.

All tips to prepare for the arrival of your new pet and take care of him when he is in his new home.
Before my Arrival
Before arriving, in what will be my new home, we should have everything ready so that we can spend great time together. For my happiness and yours too, I'll need :

My basket : I need a place where I can rest when I need it. It must be placed in a quiet location. My masters, that is to say you, should be careful that it is always clean.

My bowls : I need two stainless steel bowls. One for water and one for food.
They'll need to be washed daily in order to prevent infections.
My kind masters will have thought to buy dog food...

Stroll and linger : A small collar and leash are fine enough for me. When we get back from tour we will have to think about removing my collar to avoid damaging my hair.

Brushing my coat : You will simply need a brush. To do this you must handle me gently and brush me over with a soft brush.

I like to chew, this is normal, teeth grow. Remember to buy me a toy I can chew to avoid me chewing furniture you care about and prevent you from scolding me.