in Featherweight Kingdom
Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding
Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
My Master's behaviour
We are social beings, we communicate differently. In order to be understood I need education.

The cleanliness. It takes 4 months for poops and six months for pees but it also depends on the availability of my Masters and my maturity, because every individual of my race can be different. Be patient.

I learn quickly. Inside, during your absence or at night, you can use journals

The leash. This is a material link between you and me, it should be short, never use a dispenser. Righties will use left and vice versa. It takes about ten days to teach me to walk on a leash. We must go there gradually and it is better to entrust the task to adults. Wait a few days after the 3 months vaccine for me to walk on a leash. Patience is a virtue, when I am confident with my little host family, spending time together we will get to know us and strengthen our relationship.

I will only want to be with you, I will follow you everywhere. You will love to walk around town where I need to be leashed.

/!\ Warning do not teach me to get off the car, my master will bring me and I will be safe.

Do not leave me alone on the couch, I can fall. Be sure that I am on the ground before leaving me unattended.

Some advice to my master and his family ... For me to be their best friend without me abusing it, my education should be violence free. The hand of my Master is there to caress me, reassure me. The tone of voice should fit to reprimand me or congratulate me. If my master does not agree with what I do, he will call me by the name they chose for me, followed by the word "No" prohibition is final, I have learned the lesson.

Get me used to different sounds of the house, to various persons and other animals. Make me discover outside your home. These elements combined, we have a good balance of security and loving relationship. All family members must use the same password for the same order so I can learn quickly and without confusion to better respond to what you want to ask me. It is useless to use hands or newspaper to hit me, I will not understand better. Hands are used to caress !!!