in Featherweight Kingdom
Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding
Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
My Departure
I'll take the road for the first time. I'll be disturbed. You will need to reassure me, talk to me, caress me.

I will be installed in my small carrying case, ensconced. I'll be safe.

When I'm older, I will be used to the carrying case and I won't be afraid to travel.

Do not leave me alone in the car with open windows because I could be stolen. If the windows are closed I can have a heat stroke and have nausea

One last thing. Never leave me alone in a car or in a garden... many of my companions are stolen nowadays in seconds ...
My New House
Arriving in my new house...

You'll have to take me to where I can do my needs. After traveling (long or short) I have necessarily to pee or poop. Congratulate me with lots of hugs.

After that you'll have to put me in my little nest that will be my refuge and my secret garden. You'll have to show me where my bowls are, filled, of course, so I can identify because I'm gourmand. And I will visit my new home at my own pace.

The first night I might be crying. After all, I'm still a baby. But you will let me otherwise I will understand very quickly that I could repeat that scenario and would do it even when I grow up.

Just talking will put me in trust and show me you do not forget me. This contributes to my education.

When I begin to feel more comfortable in my new home, that is to say that I will follow you everywhere my tail straight, you can go about your normal routine.