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Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding
Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
My Diet
My dad and my mom were fed mini-adult dog food.

My breeder made that choice for them to have a balanced diet.

I am also fed premium food that in order to be beautiful and less brittle. I'm used to eating Royal Canin Mini Junior. The best for me is to keep giving me those croquettes

If you wish to change croquettes, you'll need to make the transition over several days starting with a mixture.

new ¼ ¾ old croquettes, then new food ½ ½ old,
then ¾ ¼ croquettes old news.

You should split my food ration in three daily meals until about 5 or 6 months. After this time you can leave me food in self-service.

I will slow down my midday consumption. You'll will then increase my rations a bit in the morning and in the evening.

My average consumption is 50 grams per day, but this varies from one individual to another. These amounts are indicative, do not worry if I eat less, the main thing is that I eat even in small amounts.

Do not give me cakes, sweets of all kinds, and even less chocolate that is toxic to dogs, and never chicken skin because there is a risk of bleeding in my stool. As treats I prefer a raw bone marrow or stuffed with cheese, or even meat you can find in pet stores.

From 9/10 months, you should switch to mini adults croquettes.

After 10 months and since I grow up, I will take two meals a day at the same hours and then gradually switch to one meal a day. It would be better not giving me to eat between meals to avoid health problems. Although I can be rewarded with a hug or a small piece of cheese when I do something good.

If I appear to you 'sad', not playfull, or if I don't have temperature, this can be a small hypoglycemia, it can occur in small breed dogs. In this case, make me absorb sugar (honey, fruit syrup, glucose). The best is to have in your pharmacy Virbac Nutri Plus Gel. I love it ... If it's a low sugar level, the improvement occurs in less than one hour. Otherwise, there may be another problem, and in this case, consult my vet.

Do not forget to leave me clean fresh water in my little stainless steel bowl. You must think about washing my bowls every day so that I do not get sick.

Warning !!! do not use a huge container in order to avoid any drowning risk, I'm so small.