in Featherweight Kingdom
Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding
Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
Taking Care of Me
Brushing my dress : First, you can do my hair so that I get used to brushing. Doing it once a week will allow me to have a nice growing in dress but will also help identifying potential parasites, fleas and ticks. I do not have many nodes

My toilet . Everything should be prepared in advance for my bath as if it were for a baby. A bath every quarter is a good pace, you can bathe more often if you wish but not wash more than once a month. Always wash me with a special good quality puppy shampoo.

/!\ Warning My Masters' shampoo is made for their hair, I have dog hair and therefore ​​only dog shampoo should be used on my small person. I'll explain why. My hair secretes a substance all over my body that protects me against the weather, shampoo for your hair attacks my skin and removes the substance that protects me.

My ears should be checked once a month for any bad smell or any brown substance emerging. In order to clean them do not use cotton swabs, it may cause me plugs. A compress will do

My Eyes. Must be checked daily and cleaned with sterilized water (boiled and then cooled) or specific type of cleaners such as "Ocryl" (Sold in pharmacies or from your vet).

My teeth : at 4 months I start to change teeth. My milk teeth fall, as for children.

My nails. Sometimes you have to cut them or ask my veto to do it on the day of my vaccinations.